Ultra-Responsive Design

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One Theme, Many Devices

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One Minute Installation

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Pax is carefully crafted to look amazing on phones and tablets, as well as regular ol’ computers. If you want a theme where touch devices are more than just an afterthought, Pax is perfect for you.
Amazing Sliders

We couldn’t find a slider plugin that met our standards, so we built our own. The result is a new level of animation & touch device support.

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SEO Optimized

Pax is packed with SEO best practices. H1 tags are wrapped around the site name and page titles, plus the content block.

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Touch & Swipe

Soon, most of your visitors will be touching and swiping their way around your site. Choose Pax and give them a first-class experience.

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Easy to Get Going

Pax comes with an “install demo content” button that’ll recreate this preview site on your server with a single click. Way better!

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Fonts and Colors

Boatloads of color options and uploadable background areas mean you’ll be able to easily and quickly make your vision a reality.

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SEO Plugin Ready

SEO functionality belongs in a plugin. Pax is fully compatible with the free & popular WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Google will love your site!

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