OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had the privilege of writing an article for Review of Optometry entitled A Tale of Two Children about my patient, Aidan, and about my son, Jeremy. The tagline reads, “A specialist in neurodevelopment vision describes the challenges and rewards of managing autism at work and home.”

I believe there are interventions for children on the autism spectrum that are not utilized as often as they should be. Not every intervention works for every child, but the information should be made widely available so that parents can be educated about what is out there for them. I have heard some say they do not want parents to know about every available intervention because they do not want parents to waste their money on something that, in their opinion, will not work. I think we should help educate parents and let them decide. This is where I store all the information that I find about autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder Pinterest- Autism Spectrum. I sift through the information and take what I think might be helpful.