On Tuesday evening March 17th the CDC released guidelines recommending all routine eye care be postponed. We are following that guideline. For our patients we can extend contact lens expiration dates so that you can purchase a supply and we will have them direct shipped to you. Existing eyewear and contact lens orders will be delivered using “porch pickup” (call us when you get to our parking lot). During this time Dr. Cathy Wittman​ will see established patients whom we have seen in the last three years for emergency medical eye care using telemedicine. If your symptoms indicate that you may have a condition where telemedicine is not appropriate, we will make arrangements with local specialists to see you. We are still taking contact lens orders & will direct ship to you. We can also take orders for dry eye supplies and can mail or deliver them to your car. In this difficult time in our practice we want our patients to know we are here for you and we appreciate your flexibility as we make sacrifices to attempt to flatten the curve to try and reduce the workload on our emergency personnel and to preserve life. Please think of the lives of the high risk people in our community as you make decisions over the coming weeks. #covid_19 #flatteningthecurve #lubbock #stayhome #stayhometexas