We are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of independent eyewear. We have several luxury independent lines, but we also carry independent eyewear that is more moderately priced. What is an independent line? Independent lines are handcrafted rather than mass produced. Non-independent “branded” lines may carry the name of a well known fashion house, but in most cases are not designed or manufactured by the fashion house, but rather they are mass produced in large factories by large corporate entities. They can easily be found at online retailers and large store opticals such as Walmart. If you can google your glasses and find them much cheaper online than what you paid at your eye doctor’s office, that is probably a branded line.

  • Tom Davies: UK
  • Sospiri: Italy
  • Orgreen: Denmark/Japan
  • Claire Goldsmith/Oliver Goldsmith: UK
  • Xavier Garcia: Spain
  • Feb31st: Italy
  • Silhouette: Austria
  • OWP: Germany
  • Tartine et Chocolat: France
  • Zoobug: UK
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