Social Icons

Make it easy for customers to get in touch

Make it incredibly simple for your clients and potential clients to get in touch. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or plain old email, your customers will be able to get you a message, pronto!

Large Style

Small Style

The Code

[social_icons facebook="" twitter=""
linkedin="" googleplus=""
pinterest="" email=""
rss="" size="large"]

The Options

  • facebook – the URL to use for the Facebook button
  • twitter – the URL to use for the Twitter button
  • linkedin – the URL to use for the LinkedIn button
  • googleplus – the URL to use for the Google+ button
  • pinterest – the URL to use for the Pinterest button
  • email – the email address to use for the email button
  • rss – the rss feed URL to use for the RSS button
  • size – either “small” or “large”
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