Thank you for checking in on our webpage during this challenging time in the life of our office. We want you to know that we /are/ here for you even when our doors are closed. You can order your contact lenses online from our online contact lens store. * To order your contacts, after you click the button below, you will have to sign up which is easy. On some web browsers, if the webpage does not open when you click the button, you will need to refresh your page, and then it will open. When you go to the order page, once you input your brand, THE DEFAULT SETTING FOR QUANTITY IS A YEAR SUPPLY. You can change the quantity to whatever you need. We mention that because if you do not look at the quantity, your initial impression may be that this is the price for one box. You do not have to order a year supply, but make sure your total order is for at least 2 boxes to get free direct shipping. If you have a problem, call our office 806-796-5816, and leave a message with your name, number, and what kind of trouble you are having. * Lastly, we are here for you! Dr. Wittman will be checking messages twice a day Monday through Friday at 10am and at 2pm, and she can “see” patients at her online telemedicine office for most red eyes. If your symptoms indicate that your condition is not appropriate for telemedicine, Dr. Wittman has made arrangements with eye specialists nearby her office, and she can make the phone calls to get you in to be seen quickly. WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU!