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We are open! To stay within the recommended guidelines we are by appointment only and not taking walk-in traffic of any kind. Please call us at (806) 796-5816 to schedule. We want our high risk patients to know that we are taking extreme measures to keep you as safe as possible.
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We are proud to carry Lafont selections in our optical. This made in France line was developed in Paris in 1923.

Mark’s Remote Framestyle
Mark’s Remote Framestyle

You might remember Mark. He took a pair of Tom Davies back across the pond for a trip to Ireland, and he has purchased…

Texas Strong, Lubbock Safe
Texas Strong, Lubbock Safe

Let us show you some of the changes we have made to keep our high risk patients safe.


Dr. Wittman has been a Lubbock eye doctor providing thorough eye exams to all ages from babies to seniors since 1998.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

By comprehensive we mean that we are not simply going to check you for glasses and send you on your way. Dr. Wittman will not only check your vision, but she will also assess the way your eyes work together, how they focus at near, and she will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your eye health.

Eye Disease

Dr. Wittman is an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. She also performs comprehensive eye exam for diabetic patients, patients on plaquenil, patients with high blood pressure, and several other types of disease processes. She also treats red eyes of all kinds. Minor eye emergencies such as foreign bodies and minor eye injuries are also treated by Dr. Wittman.

Contact Lenses

With the lens materials that are available, contact lenses can be safely fit in patients of any age. Dr. Wittman has even fit babies in special contact lenses to help them develop vision after congenital cataract surgery. Dr. Wittman is also experienced in fitting specialty lenses for eye trauma and disease. If she can fit the challenging cases, surely she can fit you! 🙂

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye can cause red, uncomfortable eyes and blurry vision. We have several approaches to treating dry eye. We start with the most natural, cost effective treatments first, but if your symptoms do not resolve, there are prescription eye drops, oral medications, in office treatments, special goggles, and changes in your environment that we can help you make to help minimize your dry eye.

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Optical Services

Select from our luxury lines in a relaxing environment. What sets our independent lines apart from mass produced frames that you can find elsewhere is the craftsmanship and the durability. What sets our lenses apart from lower quality lenses is the scratch resistance and superior optics that you get from Hoya products. Sospiri, Orgreen, Claire Goldsmith, Oliver Goldsmith, Tom Davies, Xavier Garcia, Feb 31st, and Tartine et Chocolat are just some of the truly designer created lines that we carry.

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Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Wittman has fifteen years of experience co-managing laser refractive surgery in Lubbock. If you are interested in laser vision correction, please call to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Wittman to ensure that you are a good candidate. Our laser vision coordinator will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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Turning Caffeine into Code

Turning Caffeine into Code

A picture I took of Greg somewhere around 93 or 94.
Lubbock in the Springtime

Glorious Spring Day

My husband riding tandem with our youngest.

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