Services and Fees

For your convenience and for full transparency, we have listed our fees on our webpage. There are no hidden fees, and we go over everything with you including an itemized form about what you are purchasing when you choose your eyewear from us. If you have questions about what your insurance covers, please let us know, and please also see the Insurance tab in our menu bar for more information. So come in and have a Nespresso with us and relax. We’re here to offer you quality eye care in a comfortable, dignified environment. Aren’t your eyes worth it?

Well Vision Care

  • Eye Exam – Well vision and glasses Rx – $185 new patient, $165 established
  • Daytona Optos Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging – $49
    (This is very cool! Dr. Wittman recommends this every year, and she will go over the results with you.)
  • Level 1 Contact lens Evaluation & Management (spherical soft) – $94*
  • Level 2 Contact lens Eval & Manag (toric & est monovision/multifocal soft) – $125*
  • Level 3 Contact lens Eval & Manag (new monovision/multifocal soft) …$140*
  • Level 4 Contact lens Eval & Manag (spherical gas permeable) – $225*
  • Level 5 Contact lens Eval & Manag (bifocal/multifocal gas permeable) – $325*
  • Level 6 Contact lens Eval & Manag (advanced lens design- keratoconus, etc) starting at $499*
  • Contact lens training for first time wearer – $45**Includes 15% day of service discount. Contact lens patients must have a recent eye exam prior to contact lens evaluation and management services. First time contact lens patients will need training, please allow up to 60 minutes. The contact lens evaluation and management fees above do not include the cost of the contact lenses.

Medical Care

  • Intermediate established medical eye exam – $155
  • Comprehensive medical eye exam – $185 new patient, $165 established
  • Refraction for glasses when done with medical eye exam – $55
  • Consultation – extended – $259
  • Bandage Contact Lens – $59
  • Visual Field Testing – $94
  • OCT laser retinal scan – $55
  • Optomap Plus Medical Vitreo-Retinal Scans – $75
  • Gonioscopy – $50
  • Extended ophthalmoscopy per eye – $40
  • Corneal topography – $55

Surgical Care

Dr. Wittman has over fifteen years of experience co-managing laser refractive surgery and cataract surgery in Lubbock. If you are interested in laser vision correction, please call to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Wittman to ensure that you are a good candidate. Our laser vision coordinator will be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • Ocular foreign body removal – from $75
  • Lacrimal procedures – from $200
  • Punctal/lacrimal plug – $175/plug
  • Eyelid lesion removal – $250
  • Epilation – $80