Dr. Wittman  is a participating provider for several medical insurances

If she is not in your network, you can still see Dr. Wittman as a self pay patient, and we will give you an itemized receipt so that you can file to be reimbursed from your insurance. Some insurances have out of network benefits and some do not. Dr. Wittman is an in-network, participating provider for;

Lubbock TX Eye Doctor

Are you a Texas Tech employee? Dr. Wittman is a participating provider with BlueCross/BlueShield, and you have coverage for routine eye exams under your Blue Cross/Blue Shield HealthSelect plus a contact lens fit is covered!

Are you a South Plains College employee? Dr. Wittman is a participating provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and you have coverage for routine eye exams under your BlueCross/BlueShield HealthSelect plus a contact lens fit is covered!

Does your company offer a vision plan that Dr. Wittman is an out-of-network provider with (such as Superior, Spectera, Davis, or Eyemed)? You may have benefits for an eye exam under the medical insurance plan that you have that Dr. Wittman is a participating provider for. Call to give us your medical insurance information, and our insurance specialist can verify your coverage to see what benefits you have that you can use at our office. Some medical insurance plans cover a routine eye exam and some even cover your contact lens fitting fee! And remember that if you are seeing Dr. Wittman for a medical eye/vision problem such as dry eye, eye infection, eye injury, ocular foreign body, visual symptoms such as flashes and floaters, headache, eye pain, sudden decrease or loss of vision, or any other medical issue such as diabetic eyecare or plaquenil eye exam, that is filed under your medical insurance not your vision plan, so Dr. Wittman will see you under your medical insurance coverage.

Dr. Wittman is a participating provider for the following vision plans;

  • VSP

  • Eyetopia

  • Ameritas

Vision plans have an allowance toward contact lens fitting fees and boxes OR a pair of glasses. There is always an out of pocket expense.

More and more medical insurances have deductibles that need to be met (including Medicare!), which means your insurance company requires you to pay for services until your deductible is met. We will verify your insurance coverage for you before your appointment with Dr. Wittman, but occasionally we are given incorrect information, so it would be a good idea for you to check on your insurance coverage before your visit as well. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the patient to know his/her coverage before the appointment. Our office is bound by the rules that insurances have set, and because other specialties do not have the added confusion of vision plans, things can get complicated when trying to understand your coverage. We will do our best to help clear things up for everyone!