Dr. Wittman is in network with several medical insurances.

Dr. Wittman is an in-network, participating provider for;

Many of our patients who have a plan that Dr. Wittman is out of network with, elect to pay out of pocket and use their itemized receipt to file for reimbursement from their insurance. There are several insurances that have out of network benefits, but some do not.

Does your company offer a vision plan that Dr. Wittman is an out-of-network provider with (such as VSP, Superior, Spectera, Davis, or Eyemed)? Most of these plans have out of network benefits, and in many cases we can determine the amount that you will be reimbursed from your vision plan. But you may also have benefits for an eye exam under you medical insurance plan that Dr. Wittman is a participating provider for. Call to give us your medical insurance information, and our insurance specialist can verify your coverage to see what benefits you have that you can use at our office. Some medical insurance plans cover a routine eye exam and some even cover your contact lens fitting fee!

Are you a Texas Tech, South Plains College, Atmos Energy, City Bank, Key Energy, or City of Lubbock employee? Dr. Wittman is a participating provider with your BlueCross/BlueShield, and your plan also has coverage for routine eye exams plus contact lens fit is covered!